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Our Vanishing Night
Monitor Calibration
Since many astronomic pictures contain faint structures with low contrast, it is recommended that you calibrate your monitor for best viewing experience.

Below you can see a horizontal bar of different shades of gray. On the left total white (0% attenuation) and on the right total black (100% attenuation).
If your Monitor is calibrated correctly you can see a brightness difference between each of the neighbouring fields.
If not, use the "Contrast" and "Gamma" (or "Black level") settings of your monitor to calibrate it correctly.
If the bar does appear somewhat coloured you should adjust the Colour settings ("Colour temperature" or "RGB") of your monitor in a way that the left side appears plain white.
The Venus transit of June 6th 2012. - The next one will be in 2117!
What happens when all the dark places are gone?
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